The Niagara Falls Music & Art Festival is pleased to announce our 2015 Annual Music & Art Festival being held on historic Old Falls Street in downtown Niagara Falls, New York. After the success of the 2015 Festival with an overwhelming attendance of 25,000 people from all over the world. The 2015 Niagara Falls Music and Art Festival will be held on the weekend of June 19–21st, 2015 where we anticipate over 50 art vendors along with over 20 food vendors, wine tastings, chalk walk, non-profit booths, street entertainers, and over 35 of the best selection of musicians in the region.

Car and motorcycle parking is available at lots on Third Street and the adjacent streets surrounding the festival area. Additional parking is available in the parking ramp. Entrance to the ramp is on Rainbow blvd. near Niagara Street.

The Niagara Falls Music & Art Festival is a Balabans, LLC Production

The festival starts and ends on the following times each day:

6/19 4–11PM

6/20 12PM–11PM

6/21 12PM–8PM


Main Stage


4:00 pm Dee Adams Band
5:00 pm CLYDE
7:00 pm Next Level
9:00 pm JJ Swing


11:00 am Generation Gap
12:30 pm Tiger Chung Lee
2:00 pm Navigator
3:00 pm NFMAF Award Presentation
4:00 pm USA Band
5:15 pm Tim Andrews
7:00 pm Junkyard Dogs
9:00 pm The Thurman Brothers


11:00 am Chris Borgatti n Friends
12:30 pm Angelo Thomas
2:00 pm The Chicago Blues Connection
4:00 pm Rumourz
6:00 pm Den of Lions

Sheraton Stage


11:00 am Julian Burgio
1:00 pm Billy Hickey
2:45 pm Keith Shuski
4:30 pm Rock Angel
6:45 pm Dave Stayner


11:00 am Holkampany
12:45 pm The Instigators
3:30 pm Mr. Max
5:00 pm Cue the Sun


Kath Schifano
J & J Boutique
Kim Reeves
Jewelry Photography by Jim Neiss
Paul Hanover
Rosanna’s Jewelry Accessories
Kyle-Lynn Tuttle
Parker Sillaway Pascal
Patrick Williams
Kathy Antonucci
Monica Williams
Mary Grace
Ashley Kay
Julie C. Foser
Christina Chilberg
Gina Scagione
Kyle Baillargeon
Janet Gillis Dejuan Hunt
Jake Linkowski
Connie Burns
Nyzosa Designs
Nrg Home Solar
Denise Best Scents
Shelly Hastrich
Spiritually Rooted
Michelle Bauer
Niagara Mist Vapors
Hope Before Heaven
Peter’s Dresses
Gear By Junk
Janies Emporium Boutique
Barb the Face Painter
Tony Roessler
Joseph W. Mock
Cindy Plumeria Bath
Lewiston Porter High School
Niagara Falls High School


Viola’s Subs
Pizza Amoré
Great Foodini
Brick & Motor
Duke’s Donuts
Falafel Hut
The Meeting Place
Louisiana Cookery
The Flaming Fish
Outback Kettle Korn
J & L BBQ Truck
Jim’s Fried Dough
Jim’s Fries
Taste Of India
Smoothie Plus
Formal BBQ
Dick & Jenny’s
Big Guy’s Pizza
Gene’s Seafood Truck
Park Place Market
Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets

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