BlueShift is an original band that formed in Buffalo in June of 2011. As an ambitious group of writers based in Western New York, the band melds an eclectic blend of Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Grunge, Funk, Metal, Blues and Jazz influences. These diverse musical styles allow the group to appeal to a broad audience and are the basis of the band’s pioneering sound. BlueShift is comprised of the following members:

Nick Brokaw (Bass Guitar)
Dan Caruso (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Robert Hunt (Lead Vocals and Guitar)
Sean Quigley (Lead Guitar)
Jon Rizzo (Keyboards, Backing Vocals)

BlueShift performs regularly within the Western New York musical circuit. As a five piece group, the band utilizes harmonized guitar riffing, soaring vocals, atmospheric keyboards, and a furious interplay between the bass and drums to produce a soundscape that is both scintillating and dynamic. Although they have an identifiable core sound, the band does not have any two songs in their ninety minute repertoire that sound alike. The group has quickly garnered a local following with their energetic, well-performed live shows, and a primary goal of the band is to broaden their audience outside of the Western New York Region. BlueShift currently has an album preview available in CD format, and their initial full-length album is slated for a spring 2013 release.



BlueShift is the most entertaining and best original band I have -ever- seen! If you are a musician or a person that enjoys music that doesn’t suck, you have to come see these guys!


Hey – I am coming back from Africa on June 30th JUST to see them play this show 😉

But really, guys – you are great – you set the bar high, and music needs that right about now.

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