Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Niagara Falls Music & Art Festival located?

Seneca Square (formerly the site of E. Dent Lackey Plaza) at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino on 310 4th Street in Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Who is invited?

Come one, come all! This is an all ages event!

You must be at least 21 years of age and be prepared to show your government-issued picture ID in order to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Is the event wheelchair/ handicap accessible?

Wheelchair/ handicap accessible sidewalks line 3rd Street and the surrounding areas. Portable handicap restrooms will be available as well.

Can I bring Pets?

Well-behaved pets are welcome. However, please be mindful of your pets ears around our loudspeakers! Remember, your pets ears may be many times more sensitive than yours. we will have water stations at the Main information tent for your pets.

How can I become a sponsor?

Marketing Packages
Festival Booklet

How do I become a food vendor for the festival?

Food Vendors

How do I become a retail vendor for the festival?

Retail Vendors

How do I become a festival artist? How can I sell my artwork at the festival?

Artists and Artisans

How can my band be a part of the festival?


Can my bring my own food or beverages?

No. Our wonderful vendors will be selling food and beverages on site. Please support them. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be brought into the festival they will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave.

Can I bring a folding chair?

Yes, but please be respectful to other festival goers. Pay attention to the length of your chair when collapsed so as not to bump into others and set your chair up in a low-traffic area away from the flow of the crowd.

Are skateboards/roller-skates/blades allowed?

No. For safety reasons, we can not allow you to use these in the festival area.

Do vendors accept credit?

Cash is the preferred form of payment for most vendors. Some may be able to accept credit cards on site. Payment methods will vary from vendor to vendor.

Will there be ATMs?

There are ATMs at the casino and most of the neighboring hotels in the are.

Will there be security?

Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino will be providing security during the event.

If there is an emergency, where can I receive medical assistance?

A first-aid station is available.

How close is the festival to the Falls?

4 to 10 minute walk to Prospect Point from Seneca Square (formerly the site of E. Dent Lackey Plaza)

How close is the festival to Seneca Niagara Casino?

The festival is located in Seneca Square (formerly the site of E. Dent Lackey Plaza) in front of the casino.

How close is the festival to Canada?

10 to 14 minute walk to cross the border from Seneca Square (formerly the site of E. Dent Lackey Plaza)