Ghostfeeder, an electro-infused four-piece rock band sent from the future of Rochester, NY, is the brainchild of the band’s vocalist, programmer and songwriter Derek Walborn. Having grown up on a steady musical diet of 8 and 16 bit video game music until his mid teens, Walborn forces Ghostfeeder’s rock and pop sensibilities through a distinctive filter of computerized grit and meticulously calculated digital glitches. Raw guitars break through layers of synth leads and keyboard riffing, while hook-driven bass lines provide the connective tissue between synthetic drum beats and textures. Walborn creates a sonic environment in which his lyrics can transition from the satirical exaltation of his own ambivalence to more personal themes of heartbreak and mortality. Ghostfeeder’s music exemplifies the struggle between man and machine and, often, finds the line between the two to be blurring.

Ghostfeeder is Derek Walborn, Myka Yott, Jeff Butler, and Luke Dangler. The band can be most easily listened to via Facebook at, or via ReverbNation at

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