Gutterface is a rock band comprised of Natasha Marie on Lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Nate “Token” Collins on bass, Mark Connors on lead guitar and Joe Calato on drums.

We’ve played locally here in Niagara Falls at various venues. Serving as mostly a cover band, we recently took the plunge and decided to infiltrate the original music scene, debuting our music at 2013’s Niagara Falls Music and Art Festival’s Battle of the Bands, and ultimately were granted a slot in this year’s festival on the indie rock stage.

Originally established in 2009, band members came and went, until ultimately we found the perfect mix. Founders Natasha and Joe remained at the heart of the band. in 2010, Nate Collins, a drummer at heart and Natasha’s brother, was handed a bass and told to play it. He’s been with the band ever since. He brought along with him fellow coworker and guitar player Mark Connors. After a short hiatis, we’re at it again, and we’re ready to rock your face off.

Welcome to Gutterface.

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