HolKampany was formed in late 2012 with members Jorian Holka (guitar and vocals), John Vaughan (bass and vocals), and Michael Battaglia (drums). However, an unfortunate series of events eventually lead to Battaglia’s resignation from the group. Soon after, HolKampany found a new drummer in Harry Graser, with whom they recorded their first 10-track LP, “Run Away With Me” (2013). Before unleashing their new material on the general public, the band scooped up rhythm guitarist Bennett Ferguson in order to round off their live sound. However, Ferguson left the band in early 2014, bringing the group back down to a trio. In the summer of that year, Holka, Vaughan, and Graser recorded their second 19-song LP “Juvenile Gentlemen” that included 9 new tracks in addition to remastered versions of all 10 tracks from “Run Away With Me.” Sadly, Graser played his last show with HolKampany on August 8, 2014, as he was to attend Buffalo State University and Holka and Vaughan were to attend SUNY Fredonia. However, on January 3, 2015, HolKampany began the new year by introducing Mike Tomasulo as their new drummer and once again began charging forward full-steam ahead. Currently residing in Western New York, HolKampany has burst onto the scene and brought energetic, catchy, and memorable music to the people! But assuming that this music only represents one genre would be incorrect. While remaining true to their punk rock roots, HolKampany very often incorporates multiple other genres into their music including alternative, classic rock, jazz, and much more! With their vast repertoire of both 19 original songs (which have been described as “like the old Green Day”, as having “50’s doo-wop vibes, but punk”, and “edgier, more raw and grown from strong roots of back alley rock”) and cover songs from a variety of other artists, HolKampany is sure to entertain every individual in their presence! Their distinctive yet accessible sound and willingness to accommodate make them popular with both spectators and employers, respectively. So, if HolKampany is around, you can guarantee that it will be a rockin’ time!

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