Born listening to The Beatles, Julian Burgio was given his first instrument as a gift on Christmas 1991. It was a baby table-top piano. And although the other babies liked to smash the keys, Julian would sit there with one finger pressing each key tenderly and individually as if to be trying to express something that he was born with inside.

At a young age, Julian took up the violin at a local music school based on the theory of learning by ear instead of by sight. After years of training, the foundation was set but a flame burned inside to play music of his own creation. And so he picked up a guitar and started writing and recording songs on cassettes through a Media Play brand karaoke machine and the flame became a fire.

Currently, Julian is putting together Summer tour dates in the Northeastern region of the United States to promote a yet to be named EP coming out late Spring. Keep posted to hear more about it!

“For me, music is beautifully unique in the sense that it can turn a room of adults into children again. No fear, no worries, just love and good vibrations.”

–Julian Burgio

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