Lost Elysium brings together the abundant talent of nationally and internationally recognized artists Ashley Amplement (vocals), Philly B (bass), Mike Miller (drums) and Brian Lee Muller (guitar) in this genre-bending and haunting musical powerhouse. The strength of their unique and recognizable style is the diverse backgrounds of the members. Philly B and Mike Miller are both well known for their time with the internationally celebrated metal band Skinbound but their eclectic influences extend far beyond that and include bands like Rush, Dream Theater, Foo Fighters, and classics like The Police and Depeche Mode. Brian Lee Muller hails from a punk background and received accolades for his ground-breaking work with such award winning bands such as Tainted and Alternate Ending. But there is nothing that highlights the talent and range that makes up Lost Elysium like the addition of singing siren Ashley Amplement. Ashley’s lyrical styles are as unforgettable as they are innovative, gritty and even recklessly intimate. Her original lyrics and vocals resonate with an honesty, authenticity, power and emotion that shine a light into the hidden corners of the labyrinthine maze within and challenging the listener to join her there. With influences such as Evanescence, Within Temptation and In This Moment, Ashley brings a hard hitting edge that is undeniable.

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