MIKANECHO (mechanic-oh)

A wild brand of groove based psychedelic rock, infused with an energetic thrash while still maintaining a strong melodic presence. Taking every performance as an opportunity to harness the attention of the crowd with highly original sound and an infectious rhythm keeping everyone’s head bobbing and eyes fixated in a trance. Over the last year MIKANECHO has played to enthusiastic audiences all over western New York including Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lewiston, Youngstown, Olcott and, Newfane. All while recording their debut self titled album completely written, recorded, produced and distributed by the band themselves. The dual attack of bassist, Steve LaBarber and guitarist Sean Thurman is a constantly moving piece of inner winding music never tripping over itself, but merging together to create a sound all its own. Matched with the innovative rhythms and concrete-solid drumming of Greg Wroblewski, MIKANECHO exhibits three musicians playing and the peak of their abilities all converging to create one very creative, very captivating, very loud band.

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