Maureen Gambino (lead vocals)
Known for her vibrant stage presence and wide vocal range, Maureen began singing and acting at a young age performing with the Niagara Experience Players. She participated in many musical, choral and theatrical performances, both as a youth, and in college. In addition to her teaching career, she earned a degree in theatrical arts studying vocal training, acting and dance. She also has a degree in public relations/communications. In addition, Maureen pursued a modeling career. Some highlights were model and spokesperson for the International Grand Prix, Black Velvet Liquor, and Hawaiian Tropic. Maureen has been in various bands including MOJO Acoustic Jam, The County Orphanage, My Generation, Soul Vaccination and currently Rock Angel. She has performed with many talented musicians including Grammy Award winner singer/songwriter Gary Baker. Inspired by many musicians, Maureen also writes and sings her own music. She has performed songs she wrote at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Currently, Maureen is the lead vocalist in Rock Angel.

Dave Daniels Camarda (lead guitar)
Dave began playing guitar at age 14. His talent and finesse on stage is well known by the people in the musical community. He has performed with many excellent bands including the Employeez (all originals), The Trolls, The Release, and currently, Jimmie Van Zant (a national act) and Rock Angel. Dave is a session player for many local and national artists. He is also the producer, recording engineer and owner of Pine Audio Recording Studios. Dave works as a full-time musician and has a wide range of experience and talent in regards to music.

John Winston Saccomanno- (lead guitar)
Growing up in the musical hotbed of the northeast, West Seneca, NY, Saccomanno was exposed to a wide range of music as a child. His parents bought him a trumpet on his 14th birthday which the young aspiring musician soon traded for a Zenith acoustic guitar. As a teenager he became involved in the skiffle craze. His first band, the Quarrymen, eventually evolved into the edgy, hard rock band Jonas Grumby. In 2005, Grumby released the critically acclaimed album Wireboy. After a short stint as a solo artist, Saccomanno joined the Barenaked Ladies tribute band, Fully Clothed Gents. When the group disbanded in 2014, Saccomanno embarked on his life’s dream to work as an accountant. He son found this new lifestyle to be unsatisfying, however, and through ironic turn of events, Saccomanno re-emerged on the music scene with the newly formed Rock Angel Band in late 2014 and has never looked back.

Bill Mason- (drums/percussion)
Strongly influenced by family members who were musicians, Bill began playing drums at the young age of 10. His ability to bang out the beat with various rhythms is impeccable.

Bill played in an all original band called The Employeez. The band was very successful and opened for national bands such as Culture Club, The Romantics, In Inxs, and Scandal. While being a devoted father to 4 children, Bill continued his love of music when he built the Mason Recording Studio. Bill currently is a member of Rock Angel.

Mike McLean- (bass guitar)
Greatly inspired by his parents love of country music, Mike began playing guitar at age 18. He is well known to the music scene and has performed with many original and cover bands. Some of those bands include Fungus Amongus, 9 Lives, Second Nature, Barking Spiders, Exit! and Sugar Spoon. Mike is currently the excellent bass player for Rock Angel.