There is a new sound and mood brewing in Depew, NY. With only taking the stage a handful of times they already have a strong following. Could it be the catchy, progressive, modern rock punch or the talented vocal ability and sound that stems deep from the lyrics? Either way this is a sound that is not going to fade anytime soon, if ever. It’s funny how we can read a story in which I have yet to bestow a name to, yet be intrigued enough to keep on reading it…
Sin District is that Melodic, Expressive, Hard-edged and Heart-torn sound. This band and sound has been in formation now going on four years. They have been through their share of bassists, singers and maybe a guitar player or two. At the end of it all Sin District will be a band who is recognized. Currently consisting of Todd McMahon, Don Festaiuti, Ray Balcerzak and Mike Majka.
The band is currently working on their debut album tentatively titled “What could have been” and is hoping to have a record release party summer of 2013 at the “Cove” in Depew, NY. The band took second place at the battle of the bands held at the Ice House in Niagara Falls, NY. Judge “Mario” described the band as, “relevant” the type of band you can hear on the radio.” Also performing at this battle was Throw away, Gutter Face and Ghost Feeder. Sin District was offered the chance to continue on in the competition on the indie stage at the festival at the falls.
To get an understanding of how this band came together and to get their take on this group, here are some comments from the band’s current members:
Todd McMahon- Lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2012-present) Use to play for A Beautiful Disaster, Rising from Exile, Kandid Theory and Mass Casualty. By joining Sin District Todd has been able to recreate prior music and express music in it’s purest form. “This is a band that I truly believe in, I feel comfortable because I am able to express all my views and feel that all the other members appreciate me.”
Don Festaiuti- Bass (2010-present) played in the band “Odium” Don describes the band as “the real deal.” Don just wants the band to be “heard” and feels that he has been given the chance to work with great musicians. “I feel like the band has a real shot!”
RayBalcerzak- Lead guitar (2009-present) Along with Majka, Ray is the longest standing member of Sin District. Since joining Sin District, Ray explains this project as “being allowed to take years of bedroom jamming and transform it into such a beautiful array of completed music, in which the process has been amazing.” Ray also states, “despite playing with all talented musicians it is great to play with someone (McMahon) who is up to par and inspires me to write and challenge myself musically.”
Mike Majka- Drums (2009-present) Majka is the founding member of Sin District. He started off playing with other members but was never truly satisfied with what he had and kept searching for the right pieces to the puzzle. Mike says, “It has been such a long journey but I am completely happy with this project.” Majka has been taking music lessons since he was a boy at the age of seven. Mike says, “I have always wanted to be in a band.” Majka goes on to say, “These guys are like my brothers and I wouldn’t change a thing.”
All the members of Sin District are eager to proceed with rocking venues in the Buffalo, NY area but would love to branch out and take “this thing” on the road. The band would appreciate any feedback and is always welcome to answering any questions you may have. They would be grateful for their current fans to spread the word to anyone and everyone they interact with and ask that everyone “friend” them on Facebook
We would like to take this time to say “Thank you” for your continued support and can’t wait to take all of you with us on our journey!

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